The University of the Republic is an educational provider that has at its primary mission to provide a high-quality education at an affordable cost to anyone who desires it.

The University of the Republic doers not currently offer degrees.  However, there are seventeen high-quality low-cost programs in which the education provided is consistent with Associate, Bachelor and Master level educational programs in the following areas:

Liberal Arts, Humanities, Philosophy, Religion, History, Literature, Music and Education Psychology

The University of the Republic intentionally focuses on the development and success of Western Civilization, Christianity and the sweetness of the American Republic, her founding documents and forefathers.

The University of the Republic cherishes our liberties that so many have lived and died to preserve and protect.  The University of the Republic honors our American Veterans, our native born and legal immigrants who have embraced the American way of life, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the strict and conservative approach of their principles.  The University of the Republic maintains that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and that no man or body of government should be permitted to transgress these laws without the establishment of a Constitutional Amendment.  As such, the University of the Republic celebrates Constitutional Amendments that support the ideals of the Constitution.

Although the University of the Republic endorses a Christian ethic, it wholly endorses the first amendment.

The University of the Republic understands, like our founding fathers did, that government is a necessary evil that artificially grows in size, regulatory mandates and abuses.  The consequences of which decreases individual liberties.  America has already fought this fight and our founding fathers had the insight to realize that one day our own government may have to be challenged.  The Declaration of Independence established the American cause long ago, and the Constitution has secured the individual rights for all Americans.  Our rights to speak freely, assemble “peacefully” and address grievances we may have in regards to new regulations have been established, long ago.  The American citizen has the responsibility to defend these rights, even against our own government.  As such, the University of the Republic wholly endorses the first and second amendment.

The University of the Republic believes that this nation was founded on great ideals based in individual liberties.  As such, no American citizen should ever be denied these basic truths.  We believe that slavery is an abominable wrong, not just in human bondage, but in all areas in which this concept may be applicable; such as debt and substance abuse.  Slavery is not just an issue of the past, it endures, and we must continue the fight against it.  As such, the University of the Republic not only endorses the thirteenth amendment for the American citizen, but for all citizens, everywhere, in any manner of bondage.

The University of the Republic utilizes education to address many of these issues in an attempt to understand them, to embrace them as part of our heritage, to learn from our failures and celebrate our successes.  The University of the Republic maintains the belief that we cannot change what has occurred historically, but we can learn from it, understand why and how it occurred, and do all we can to do it better in the future.  Western civilization has committed many errors, but it has also transformed the world into something far greater than any could have ever imagined.  The University of the Republic maintains that if we choose to dwell in the past, we should do so with the sole purpose of learning from it.

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The University of the Republic will be attempting to transition into a degree granting University.  All students who complete their educational program prior to that time will be granted a Degree and Diploma in the educational program completed.


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