Program Overview

The University of the Republic is a “distance” educational provider currently offering courses leading to Associates, Baccalaureate and Master level completion certificates.

The University of the Republic differentiates “distance” program from an “on line” program in the following ways:

“On line” suggests that there is a commitment to internet interactions to meet program requirements;

The University of the Republic does not demand an internet relationship with its students. Once communication has been established between the student and the University of the Republic, all official University of the Republic interactions and assignment submissions can be made over the phone, through regular mail services or through internet services.

The University of the Republic maintains as its mission to provide high-quality education to anyone who desires it, and an Associate, Bachelor and a Master certificate at an affordable cost.

To be conferred a certificate of completion from the University of the Republic the student must have been admitted as an “Official” student, completed all assignments in all courses, including a thesis, paid all fees associated with the program and remain in good standing.

The University of the Republic defines good standing as maintaining an average grade of “B” or higher, has completed all course requirements up until that point in time and is not in violation with any of the University of the Republic’s Ethical Standards.

The course syllabus will be mailed (or emailed) directly to the student. Assignments for a particular course will be outlined and detailed in the course syllabus.  Dates for submission will be established.  Contact names, phone numbers, email and physical addresses will be provided in each syllabus.

In most courses offered at the University of the Republic, there are three assignments. In order to complete any particular course, each assignment must be completed.

All assignments will be completed in the form of research papers. Typically, each paper will be five to eight pages formatted according to MLA standards.  The student will provide a well-researched paper attending to certain focused areas established in each assignment.

Upon the completion of an assignment, the student will submit it to the address provided in the syllabus. All assignments will be assessed by the Instructor and a copy of the paper (or cover page) will be returned to the student with assessment and grading remarks.  The submission of assignments may be done via email, if the instructor agrees.  Grading will be based on the following criteria:

  • Readability;
  • Formatting;
  • Assignment specific;
  • Research and referenced;
  • Timeliness of submission.


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